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How to Start a Business Online Without Breaking the Bank

In this article I’m going to lay out some simple steps that ANYONE can use to start a business on online in rapid fire turn around time. If you are anything like me, you are probably motivated, but impatient for results, right? Well, fret not – the 4 tips below SHOULD get you started making money FASTER than just about any other method that I know of! Read on..:-)

Step 1: Set up a Blog

This is SO easy to do anymore, it’s almost criminal for anyone who is thinking about starting a business to NOT test the warm and welcoming waters of blogging first. Simply stated, you can pick a domain name, a web host and have a blog installed ALL during the halftime update during a football game. (and I have done JUST that on more than one occasion..:-)

Step 2: Create a short, free report that you allow folks to download from your site

All you need to do is write a short 20 page report on ANYTHING related to your expertise and upload it to your site. You can convert an existing word document to a PDF and upload it, write a new one, or even just RECORD yourself and have your words transcribed if you hate to write. The REAL key to this strategy is to put an opt in form on the site and require your visitors to register for the free report, but that isn’t even totally necessary to start. ( remember – you can embed affiliate links, calls to action and other promotional language in your free report which is often EXTREMELY effective in generating a real income stream to boot)

Step 3: Write and submit 10 articles and 2 Press Releases

Every new niche business site I start i follow a very simple blueprint. I create 10 articles and 2 press releases. I submit the 10 articles to the popular article directories, ( which is FREE) and do the same for the press releases. I then re-write the articles about 30 or 40 percent, and put them on my OWN site for the search engines.

Step 4: One Luscious Piece of Link Bait

This is the last step, and requires the most creativity of the steps. You simply create a piece of controversial, or confrontational piece of content that you can promote to the social networks. A list related to your specific niche or topic works great for this – and it should either be VERY funny and entertaining, or controversial and confrontational to the powers that be in your market. This works like a charm every time…and if you are looking to get started on a minimal budget, the entire plan above can be executed for less than 30 bucks on the high side, and that includes the coffee you’ll need to get it done fast.