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How to Start a Business From Home

You should seriously considering starting an eBay business. You could do it part or full time, it’s easy to learn and has low expenses. eBay is the largest marketplace in the world where over 30 million people are looking at their products every week. With eBay you don’t have to create a Web site, or become a credit card merchant. They take care of all those tasks for you.

Start an eBay Business Based on Knowledge

This doesn’t mean it’s an easy online business. Any significant success requires hard work, but when you compare it to other businesses that involve a considerable starting capital, fixed hours, driving time, etc., this eBay selling business gives you more advantages, a much lower risk, and better chances of real financial success.

“Tips Start a Business”

One of the advantages of an eBay business opportunity; is that it provides you with step-by-step resources that show you how to register for an eBay account, open a store using merchandise that you don’t have to pay for and how to write effective listings to get clicks.

On eBay, your sales are done through auctions and there are four different formats: Standard Auctions, Reserve auctions, Multiple-item auctions, Fixed-price Buy It Now Sales, and Mixed auction/fixed price sales. You should learn each format and follow its rules so you can develop a good reputation on eBay. They have a feedback system, so take advantage of it so you can increase your profits.

eBay Auction Business

What should you sell on eBay? You can sell all kinds of products and services. Also, many people purchase items at garage sales and sell them online at a profit. Think of a product or service you really enjoy and has a good niche market. Read Turn Your Passion Into Profit with a Home Business. Do some research on eBay to determine if you have too many competitors in your market area.

Another favorable aspect of a business with eBay is that when you’re conducting auctions you’re always in control over how much time and effort you put into it. That means you can have flexible working hours to do other things such as traveling or spending time with your loved ones.

The more you learn about this business, the more you’ll understand the advantages of starting a business on eBay. They give you a free Web page to each of its members called “About Me”, where you can describe who you are and what you do. You can also include your picture and other personal information related to your business.

Once you select the products you want to sell, take photos, type clear descriptions and place them online in a catalog. You don’t have to set a fixed price. You can set a starting price and watch the bidding.

Keep your auction headings short precise and descriptive. Choose words that attract buyers and make sure your images are clear and with enough light. Also, be flexible with different forms of payment such as personal and cashier checks, money orders and credit cards. You can also use eBay’s PayPal. eBay provides many safeguards for its customers.

A determining factor to expand your business with eBay is to build your reputation. To achieve it, you must always provide good customer service by responding to your e-mails and shipping out merchandise promptly. To make things easier for you, create a schedule and follow it.

Affiliate eBay Home Business Program

Get a good start and create an eBay home business system. There are plenty of affordable resources to learn how to start, operate and improve your auction business on eBay. You can read “Start Your Own Business on eBay” by Jacquelyn Lynn, or go to or theautomaticmoneymachine to get more knowledge and tips for your eBay business opportunity. You can even get a free course at

Take advantage of the new Internet commerce wave and what eBay hast to offer. Stop making excuses and decide to take more control of your financial future with an eBay home business.

How to Start a Business Online Without Breaking the Bank

In this article I’m going to lay out some simple steps that ANYONE can use to start a business on online in rapid fire turn around time. If you are anything like me, you are probably motivated, but impatient for results, right? Well, fret not – the 4 tips below SHOULD get you started making money FASTER than just about any other method that I know of! Read on..:-)

Step 1: Set up a Blog

This is SO easy to do anymore, it’s almost criminal for anyone who is thinking about starting a business to NOT test the warm and welcoming waters of blogging first. Simply stated, you can pick a domain name, a web host and have a blog installed ALL during the halftime update during a football game. (and I have done JUST that on more than one occasion..:-)

Step 2: Create a short, free report that you allow folks to download from your site

All you need to do is write a short 20 page report on ANYTHING related to your expertise and upload it to your site. You can convert an existing word document to a PDF and upload it, write a new one, or even just RECORD yourself and have your words transcribed if you hate to write. The REAL key to this strategy is to put an opt in form on the site and require your visitors to register for the free report, but that isn’t even totally necessary to start. ( remember – you can embed affiliate links, calls to action and other promotional language in your free report which is often EXTREMELY effective in generating a real income stream to boot)

Step 3: Write and submit 10 articles and 2 Press Releases

Every new niche business site I start i follow a very simple blueprint. I create 10 articles and 2 press releases. I submit the 10 articles to the popular article directories, ( which is FREE) and do the same for the press releases. I then re-write the articles about 30 or 40 percent, and put them on my OWN site for the search engines.

Step 4: One Luscious Piece of Link Bait

This is the last step, and requires the most creativity of the steps. You simply create a piece of controversial, or confrontational piece of content that you can promote to the social networks. A list related to your specific niche or topic works great for this – and it should either be VERY funny and entertaining, or controversial and confrontational to the powers that be in your market. This works like a charm every time…and if you are looking to get started on a minimal budget, the entire plan above can be executed for less than 30 bucks on the high side, and that includes the coffee you’ll need to get it done fast.

Starting Small Business Tips

It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of new ideas when starting a business. But once that excitement wears off it is critical to be sure whether or not you have a viable market for your product or service. Barking up the wrong tree, so to speak, can cost you a lot of time, money and energy. Here are three quick and easy ways to determine if you have a market hungry enough for your business to make a go at it.

1. Google AdWords

Google offers a great, free tool to do research and see what people are searching for on the internet. You can go to and do a bit of testing out before you go hog wild and spend your last dollar making widgets for a market that doesn’t exist.

Be sure to consider what the person on the other end of the computer is thinking when they enter a specific term. “Weight loss” is much different than “How to lose 15 pounds”. The motivation behind the latter is much clearer.

2. Send a Survey

If you already have an ezine or newsletter list, be sure to survey that list before launching your next product or service. Ask them what it is that they want or need. You can use the free survey tool at

If you’re just getting started, then dip into the social media world. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in are just three of many great ways to connect with the rest of the world. As you build your list of followers and friends be sure to start asking what they want and need as it relates to your business.

3. Find Associations

If there’s a popular association related to your product or service there is about a 99.9% chance that you are on the right track. You can find a list of associations at

Start Up Business Tips

Since starting my business six months ago, I learn new things every single day. Giving attention to these five things regularly will help you expand your network, build your website traffic and grow your business.

  1. Read

To learn more about your area of expertise and about all aspects of your business, take advantage of all the information that is being shared freely on the internet and read, read, read.

  • Google search for blogs related to the topics you’re interested in.
  • Get an account on Twitter and follow people who share the type of information you need, for example information about selling, marketing and business processes and practices.
  • Join groups on LinkedIn and read the discussions.

Whatever you need to know more about, someone is sure to be writing about it.

  1. Write

While you are reading, get a feel for what other people are writing about and then fire up your online marketing by writing your own articles.

Initially, it may seem like you don’t have anything valuable to share. But actually, you know way more about your chosen field than the majority of people in your target audience, that’s why they need your product or service!

To get started writing articles:

  • Make a list of all the topics related to your area of expertise.
  • Then write some dot points you could expand on for each topic.
  • Get more ideas by reading what others are writing on Twitter, blogs, online articles and LinkedIn.
  • Think about how you could use your knowledge and experience to turn each topic into an article that you would be happy to share with your network.
  • It doesn’t need to be long have must have quality content.
  • Make the article skimmable by breaking up blocks of text with subheadings and formatting like bold and italics.

When you’re ready, put your articles on your website, send them to your prospects via email and share links to the articles via social media like Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also promote your articles to a wide audience by listing them here, at EzineArticles.

Sharing each article demonstrates your expertise and builds your credibility. Every person that reads your article becomes more aware of your business; and every time someone clicks on the link to read the article on your website, they increase your website traffic.

For all articles that you write, however you choose to share them:

  • to keep people reading add a few relevant links to other pages of your website at the end of the article.
  • And make sure you offer a way for readers who like your style to continue receiving your articles if they want to, such as a “sign up” link or “follow me on Twitter”.
  1. Network

People know people. Grow your business by building your network of contacts.

Talk to people you know and meet new people in person and online who have potential to become your customers, or to refer new customers to you.

  • Tell your friends about your new venture and let them help you become successful.
  • Attend local business networking events or join a networking organisation.
  • Set up a profile on LinkedIn, build up your profile and join groups related to your product or service and that your target audience will be a member of and start interacting by reading discussions and adding comments.

When you meet people, learn a little about their business instead of jumping straight in with your sales pitch. Once you’ve listened and learned, if you talk about how you can help solve their problems rather than talking about your product or service, they’ll be more likely to contact you.

  1. Tweet

Despite everything I read and was told about how great Twitter is, for a long time I didn’t get how it could add value to my business.

And then I made a discovery.

If you’re looking to increase awareness of your business and your website traffic, it’s far easier to get someone to follow you on Twitter than it is to get someone to sign up for your email newsletter.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying don’t have an email newsletter. I still think that’s really important, particularly because people choose when they read their emails whereas “tweets” on Twitter can easily be lost in tweet stream. But to extend your reach, tweet the same article you’re emailing.

  • You only have 140 characters per tweet so use a URL shortener like or tinyurl to shorten the link and include it along with an eye catching headline as your tweet.

Also, once you start tweeting, adding a “Twitter feed” to your website can fill an empty space and make the page look dynamic and interesting.

  1. Have a Good Website

Your website objective should be aligned with your business objective.

For example, if you’re a professional service provider, ideally your website should help you win business by establishing your credibility and expertise using case studies and testimonials.

If the objective of your website is to generate leads for your business, make sure it is easy to find out how to contact you from every page of your website.

  • Put links to your contact information in several places, like the header of your website, the footer and at the end of each page of copy.

There is a big gap between just having a website and having a good website.

What makes a website good?

Some of the features of a good website are:

  • being both search engine and user friendly
  • being able to add content easily
  • adding new content frequently to encourage people to visit more than once
  • having prominent “contact” information
  • making it clear what the company does
  • clean layout, easy simple navigation
  • having copy that is written for the web, rather than just being copied from a company brochure
  • making it easy to capture the contact details of web visitors for example, by subscribing to an e-newsletter.

All five things link together in one way another, for example by writing an article, you can put it on your website, share it with your network and tweet about it.

Enjoy marketing your new business and all the new people you’ll meet along the way.