I lost half a day from my energy crash yesterday, but climbed out of bed with my running shoes on. I had a lot of catching up to do. Media was requesting food shots; cousins flew in for a visit from P.E.I (they are the only Koreans in lovely Summerside), so I took them on a quick tour of the ; worked on the website; dealt with awnings and signage people; interviewed bartenders and line cooks; met with a kind producer who wanted to shoot a segment of her show at the restaurant about one of the chefs featured on my Yakitori Top Chef menu, . Then, of course, food and drink and food again: it was back to recipe development.

There were some winners, like this Yakitori House Platter #1. Kochujang-Butter Mussels (in honour of my P.E.I side of the family). The Kalbi Steak Sandwich with shredded daikon relish. Bulgogi Burger with Sauteed Kimchi.

On the drink side, my partner put together a few more cocktails that I think is showing promise.

There is the “Gangnam Style Yogurt Soju”.

Soju Sangria, topped with vanilla ice cream (you’ll need a spoon for this one). And My favourite is this “Bombay, Tokyo: An Introduction”, which is Bombay Gin & Sake, muddled with berries and rosemary.

Finally, upon hearing about my day of fatigue and all the meat I had been consuming, my mother called me in to her office at the New Life Natural Health Centre, in Koreatown. She’s a veteran in the the field of traditional Korean medicine. She also offers ”colonics therapy” in her clinic, which is like putting on a clown’s costume over the ominous-sounding “enema”. If you don’t know what that is, I won’t disturb you with the . Suffice it to say that you feel truly cleansed and get a real jolt of energy after a session. However, I didn’t have 40 minutes to lie in fetal position in a lavender-scented room, listening to digital renditions of laughing brooks and chirping birds, while my mother “flushed” me out. I politely declined her offer and accepted a box of 100% red gingseng extract instead. She looked at me slyly when handing the box over to me and said, “don’t drink too much, okay?” (Ginseng is a huge energy booster, but is also known to be a potent natural form of Viagra).

You gotta love moms…